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It was a nice and warm day outside. There was a nice and gentle breeze, and the sun was shining save for a few clouds. A purple fox by the name of Emily stepped outside of her home near Station Square. It was a small home that wasn't too far away from the beach. The curtains blew gently as she stepped out onto her wooden balcony and looked out at the water. She really did have a house on a pretty part of town. Whenever the weather was good, which was often, she liked to work on her building projects outside on her balcony.

Usually these projects involved robots or something along those lines. Emily loved working on bots and programming them to do certain things. Her latest bot sat out on her porch which was a silver Omega unit. She definitely needed some more parts for him since she was trying to iron out a few of his bugs. Emily let out a little yawn as she looked at the unfinished robot. She hadn't even bothered to change out of her white my little pony panties and bra. She was too tired to do that and she sipped at her coffe with bags under her eyes.

"Ugh I think I need some exercise." groaned Emily. "I'm so tired. I think a morning walk will get me woken up."

The purple fox walked back into her house and went into her bedroom. Clothes littered the floor and nerdy merchandise filled her room. Despite being a total computer and tech geek, Emily liked to dress with a bit more of a cute yet punk look to her. Her long pink pink hair ran way down her back, and her covered much of one side of her face. She usually put a cute blue bow in it followed by a simple t- shirt and shorts or a skirt. She slipped on grey t-shirt with a game controller on it and a red and black checkered skirt followed by thigh length red and black striped socks and matching fingerless gloves to complete the outfit.

"Perfect." said Emily smiling as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Emily stepped out of her room and made her way to the front door of her house. She stepped out of her home and walked across the beach as she made her way towards station square. It was still early in the morning, so it wasn't very crowded when she got there. She decided that a walk in the ancient ruins would be nice, so she boarded the train over there and within a few quick minutes had gotten to the wooden platform that the train arrives on. Instead of taking the stairs, she simply hopped off to the ground below and ran a bit as she made her way towards the cliffs of the ancient ruins.

Once she had made her way to the top of the cliffs she looked out ahead at the floating island that was supported by a green chaos emerald. It looked beautiful, and Emily decided to take the moment to relax as she stretched her legs off the edge of the cliff. Unfortunately for her, the relaxation did not last long as a few Eggman robots spotted her.

"Target acquired." said one of the bots.

It pointed it's gun at Emily and began spraying bullets at her. Emily quickly ducked, but lost her balance and stumbled off the edge of the cliff. Her hand caught the ledge and a few start rocks fell to the ground below as she hung on for dear life.

"Oh crap this is bad!" said Emily,

Her hand began to sweat as her heart rate picked up. She tried to pull herself up, but she didn't have a good grip and only one hand was hanging on. To make matters worse the robots were approaching her.

"This is it. I'm dead I'm so dead." thought Emily.

Just as the bots looked over the edge, however, a green blue quickly dashed into them and knocked them out of the way.

"Huh?" said Emily.

A green hedgehog smirked and looked over the edge.

"Need some help miss fox?" he asked.

"Yes please." said Emily with relief.

"Alright hang still and don't move." said the hedgehog.

The green hedgehog reached down and grabbed a hold of Emily's waistband that stuck out of her shorts. He pulled up, lifting Emily up by her panties as he pulled her off the edge of the cliff.

"Oww!" yelped Emily as her panties dug into her as she was pulled up. "Did you have to pull me up like that?"

"Heh sorry. It was the only thing I saw sturdy enough to pull you up by. Oh yeah my name is Tyler by the way." said the hedgehog.

"My names Emily. I'd  love to start a conversation, but it looks like we have some bots coming for us."

"Yeah let's take them out and talk later." said Tyler.

The two of them nodded, and ran towards the red robots that were approaching them. The bots pulled out their machine gun, but they were quickly shut down by Emily's kicks. Emily kicked one of the bots hard making it explode before homing attacking another. Tyler on the other hand managed to land a few punches in on the bots even knocking the head off one. He round house kicked another followed by a homing attack on the others. Within a few seconds all the bots were in pieces leaving the hedgehog and the fox standing there.

"Heh those things are always super easy to take out." said Emily.

"Yeah I agree. A few hits and they're down. Although these bots seemed like they were intent on killing you." said Tyler.

"That's probably cause I stole a robot from Eggman a little while ago. I think all those bots are programmed to track me down." laughed Emily.

"I can tell that." laughed Tyler. "So what brings you out here miss fox. Or should I maybe call you Emily?"

"Oh you know I was just going for a nice morning walk before I got ambushed. What brings you out here? I don't think I've seen you before." said Emily.

"You probably haven't. I've just been wandering around cause I'm bored. I heard city square was a nice place to visit so I decided to check it out." said Tyler.

"Oh it's a very nice place to hang out." said Emily.

"Except when hanging out means hanging off the side of a cliff." smirked Tyler.

"Yeah except for when it's that. Speaking of why did you give me a wedgie back then?" asked Emily.

"Like I said I had to in order to pull you up. It was the only way." said Tyler.

"Sounds more like an excuse to give a cute girl a wedgie." laughed Emily. "I bet you saw the opportunity and went for it."

"Maybe...what's down there?" asked Tyler.

"Huh?" said Emily looking down.

Emily cluelessly looked down to where Tyler was pointing only only to realize that she fell for his trap when he whizzed around to her back and grabbed onto her panties underneath her skirt. He yanked up as hard as he could getting Emily's panties all the way up to her neck. Emily's body stiffened as she felt her panties painfully dig into her furry purple rump. The legholes immediately caved in between her cheeks as Tyler pulled the pony print underwear towards Emily's head.

"Cute panties miss fox. Are they My Little Pony panties?" asked Tyler.

"Y- yeah. They mmmph~ have all the ah~ main characters on it." gasped Emily.

"Heh are you liking this wedgie?" asked Tyler.

Emily's face turned red as he asked that. She really was enjoying it, but there was no way to hide it from him without being obvious.

"N- no ahh~" moaned Emily.

"Heh I think I just found you little secret." smirked Tyler.

He yanked up and pulled her panties over her head which pushed down her ears and snapped down on her forehead. Emily couldn't help but smile as she felt her panties get stretched over her head and dig into her. Wedgies were kind of a turn on for her, and she knew that she found someone who she could share her interest in wedgies with.

Tyler walked back around to see the purple Fox smiling and blushing.

"You're a bad liar." said Tyler as she kissed Emily on the cheek.

"I know I am." giggled Emily. "But you're not the only one who knows how to how to give a wedgie."

Emily quickly wrapped her arms around Tyler in a hug followed by reaching into the back of his pants and grabbing a hold of his red and blue plaid boxers. She gave a sharp tug up and brought Tyler to his toes as she pulled his boxers up to his neck. Tyler groaned in pain as Emily used all of her strength to pull his boxers up and over his head. The waistband snapped against his forehead as his legholes stretched up high above his pants as they dug into his ass.

"Ouch! You sure do have some muscles Ems." laughed Tyler.

"Heh thanks I know." said Emily.

Her panties came undone for her forehead and she reached behind her to undo the massive wedgie she had gotten. Tyler's underwear quickly snapped back down afterwards and the two looked at each other smiling.

"So uh you wanna maybe go on a wedgie date with me?" asked Tyler.

"I'd love to." giggled Emily.

"How old are you Ems?"

"I'm 18 so ya know legal and everything."

"Perfect." grinned Tyler.

He leaned in and kissed Emily and blushed a bit as he kissed the cute fox girl. Emily eagerly returned the kiss and wrapped her arms around the hot hedgehog and kissed him back. The two broke the kiss and looked back at each other again.

"So wanna head back to station square? We can get something to eat and then maybe head to twinkle park or something afterwards." said Emily.

"That sounds good." said Tyler. "I've heard there's a good Italian place there."

"Sounds good. Let's get going." said Emily.

"Wait one thing first." said Tyler.

"What's that?" asked Emily.

Tyler reached behind Emily as his arms were still wrapped around her. He reached down into her skirt again and gave another tug up and lifted the fox off her feet. Her eyes widened as gravity pulled her butt down into a thin strip of fabric.

"Eep!" yelped Emily.

She kicked one of her legs as Tyler held her in the air by her panties. He began to bounce her which made the fox yelp in pain and enjoyment. Each bounce only sent the panties further up her butt which made the wedgie even better. However, she also noticed the material was beginning to tear and that the legholes were showing signs of ripping.

"St- st ah~ p!" said Emily between bounces.

"Why should I do that?" smirked Tyler.

"Y- you're gonna rip the-"


Emily was cut off as her rump plopped to the ground. Tyler held her panties in his hand as Emily got herself up. Her ripped panties stuck out the back of her skirt, and she rubbed her butt in pain.

"Well that's disappointing." said Tyler. "May as well keep the panties as a trophy though."

"Heh go ahead." said Emily. "But seeing as I'm commando now I think we should go back to my house real quick so I can get a new pair of panties on."

"Alright let's go. Can't wait to see the place." said Tyler.

They held each other's hands and smiled as they walked back to the train. They boarded it, and in no time they were back in the train station.

"Well that was a quick ride." said Tyler.

"The train is always quick around here." said Emily. "Now come on let's go to my place."

"Lead the way."

Emily walked ahead and lead Tyler towards her house. They walked across the beach and soon walked up the steps to Emily's house.

"Well here it is. Outside on my deck you can see that I've got a lot of robots and stuff."

"Woah did you steal all these from Eggman?" asked Tyler.

"Kind of like that. Then I reprogram them and make them do cool things. It's kinda nerdy really." laughed Emily.

"I think it's pretty cool. Maybe you could even make a wedgie machine with your skills." said Tyler.

"I'll have to consider that." laughed Emily. "But hang on lemme just slip some panties on. Then we can go eat."

Emily quickly ran back into her room and looked around on the floor for a good pair. She decided to go for a white pair with a pink waistband and large Mario star printed across the front and butt of them. Emily gripped the back and gave herself a mini wedgie to see how well they would stretch.

"Ooh these are perfect." giggled Emily.

Emily rushed back outside and quickly turned around and stuck out her butt. Her white waistband peeked above her skirt.

"Wanna give em a pull?" asked Emily.

"Gladly."laughed Tyler.

Tyler walked up behind Emily and gripped the back. He gave her a quick wedgie and pulled them halfway up her back before letting go. The white panties bunched themselves up at the waist of her skirt as they snapped back.

"They seem good to me. I like the star on it too." said Tyler.

"Heh yeah and you can pull them anytime you want. Watch out though cause I may sneak in a few wedgies." said Emily.

To demonstrate, Emily reached in the front of Tyler's pants and grabbed his waistband. She pulled them up to his chest which made Tyler's eyes widen in surprise as his boxers crushed his frontal region.

"Ow ow ok I see you point." laughed Tyler.

Emily smirked and let go before grabbing Tyler's hand.

"Come on let's head over to that restaurant now." said Emily.

Emily began walking and Tyler walked with her as the couple made their way through the streets of station square and to one of the restaurants on the street.

"I think this place is good." said Emily.

"Yeah I think so too..."

Tyler gripped the back of Emily's waistband and pulled up the back of her panties. Emily felt the new and unstretched material of the new pair dig in between her cheeks as Tyler pulled them up her back.

"Mm~ pull harder." said Emily.

"I would but we're about to go into a restaurant. But I will do this instead."

Tyler lifted the back of Emily's shirt and undid her white bra. He yanked up on the legholes and lifted them up to the straps before hooking the bra through. After that he put her shirt back down.

"There now you can enjoy the wedgie without anyone knowing about it." said Tyler.

"I love you so much right now." said Emily blushing and grinning as she leaned against Tyler.

"Heh I love you too Ems. Now come on let's head in."

Tyler wrapped his arm around Emily and the two made their way into the restaurant. They were greeted by a waiter as they walked through the doors of the place. The smell of pasta and bread filled the restaurant and there were plenty of booths and tables set up.

"Hello." said the waiter. "Did you two make a reservation?"

"Nope but I would like a table for my girlfriend and I." said Tyler.

"Of course. Right this way." said the waiter.

He led them over to a two person table by a window that overlooked the beach. They sat down and he handed out the menus to them.

"Anything you'd like to drink?" asked the waiter.

"I'll just have Mountain Dew if you have it." said Emily.

"I think I'll have some wine." said Tyler.

"You've got it. And are you ready to order?" asked the waiter.

"I'll probably just get some pasta." said Emily.

"That's sounds good I'll have some too." said Tyler.

"Alright. Wait one second and I'll bring you your food and drinks." said the waiter.

He hurried off leaving the couple to talk at the table.

"How's the wedgie holding up Ms. Fox?" asked Tyler.

"I love it. I can feel my panties digging into my butt constantly. Every movement I make only makes it get tighter." laughed Emily.

"That's good." laughed Tyler. "Especially since you're into that from what I can tell."

"Heh yeah I guess. I kinda like wedgies. I don't give them too much really but I do like giving them when I get the chance too. And getting them is fun too." said Emily.

"Well I personally give quite a lot of wedgies." smirked Tyler. "In fact most people I meet I try to wedgie. Heck I would've given those robots from earlier wedgies if it was possible."

"Oh yeah the robots. Ever since I stole one from Eggman I've had a huge target painted on my back. They come after me everyday, but I can fight them off pretty well." said Emily.

"That's gotta get annoying after awhile." said Tyler. "I'd be glad to help you take any down if they show up again."

"Thanks that'd be helpful. Maybe even kinda fun too. So now to address a question. Are we going out now? I mean I'm fine if that's not the case, but you know you seem cool and everything so I uh maybe kinda sorta wanna go out with you.... crap I suck at this." said Emily as she blushed and rubbed the back of her neck.

"Heh I get exactly what you mean." said Tyler. "Sure we can be a couple. Then we can give all the wedgies we want and at anytime."

"Oh nice! Then we should kiss...y- you know for the first time as an official couple." said Emily.

"I like the way you think Ems." said Tyler.

The two leaned across the table and began to kiss each other before the waiter cleared his throat and they both sat back down in embarrassment.

"Your food is here." said the waiter. "And I brought some complementary bread as well."

He set the food down on the table and then left again.

"Well so much for privacy." laughed Tyler.

"Eh who cares about that. Lest just eat now. I'm starving." said Emily.

The two began to dig into their food and in no time had finished it up and paid the bill. They walked out of the restaurant and Emily undid her bra connection wedgie when they stepped outside. She picked it out of her purple rump as she felt the relief of finally undoing it after all that time in the restaurant.

"Phew finally. It was getting a bit annoying not gonna lie." said Emily. "Oh well either way I probably should get used to it. After all were gonna have ourselves a wedgie party in Twinkle Park."

Tyler wrapped his arm around Emily again and they laughed as they walked over towards the elevator to the park.

"I can't wait for that." said Tyler. "Those nerdy panties of yours are going over your head more than a few times."

"Same goes for those boxers of yours. But let's save it till we get to the park." said Emily.

They stepped into the elevator and saw the brightly lit door that led to Twinkle Park. It was a popular amusement park for couples with plenty of rides and fun things to do. As they stepped through the doors they saw the large fun castles to explore as well as the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. Their were also many other couples who walked around the park as well, all of them laughing and having a fun time.

"What should we do first?" asked Emily.

"Well first things first let's do this." said Tyler.

He grabbed Emily's skirt and yanked it down exposing her white panties.

"Won't be needing these for the date." smirked Tyler.

"Same goes for you." smirked Emily.

She grabbed the sides of his jeans and pulled them to his ankles and exposing his boxers. Tyler simply kicked them off and laughed.

"Alright a pants-less wedgie date. This'll be fun!" said Tyler.

"I know right?" giggled Emily.

Emily grabbed the sides of Tyler's boxers and yanked them up as hard as she could. Tyler also grabbed the sides of Emily's panties and yanked up as hard as he could too. Their underwear dug into their cracks and a bit into the front as they pulled on each other. Emily yanked up hard again and pulled the legholes of Tyler's boxers to his arms. She pulled them through effectively giving him a shoulder wedgie. Tyler did the same thing back to Emily and stretched the legholes of her panties through her arms and giving her a shoulder wedgie as well.

"Let's walk around like this!" exclaimed Emily.

"May as well. It hurts but if you're doing it I don't mind." laughed Tyler.

He gave a quick smack to Emily's wedgied rump making Emily jolt up a bit in surprise. She grinned and grabbed a hold of Tyler's hand and began to run towards one of the lines.

"Come on we're gonna ride the roller coaster like this." said Emily.

The two of them ran towards the line for the coaster and began to wait. A few of the guests gave them a few strange looks, but for the most part the couples were just focused on each other. As the line moved up Emily's shoulder wedgie came undone.

"Aww it came undone." pouted Emily. "I need another wedgie Tyler."

Emily turned around and shook her butt tauntingly as she waited for the next wedgie. Tyler firmly gripped onto the waistband as he began to pull up.

"Oh I'd be more than happy to help with that." said Tyler.

Emily felt her legholes rocket into her ass as Tyler pulled her elastic waistband all the way past her head. Her tail shot up as she yelped a little before her pulled her panties down over her head, and pushed her ears through the legholes to keep it in place. Emily blushed and enjoyed the feeling of her atomic wedgie.

"There. That should keep it in place." said Tyler. "How does it feel?"

"Mm~ it feels so good.~" sighed Emily.

"Next." called out a voice.

"Oh hey it's our time to ride. Come on." said Emily.

Still in her atomic Emily (rather painfully) walked over to the cart and took a seat inside. Tyler sat right next to her, and they pulled the bar down before the ride started.

"You nervous?" asked Tyler.

"Not at all." said Emily. "It'll be my first time riding something with a wedgie." said Emily.

"Heh same." said Tyler.

And with that, the ride rocketed out of the station and made its way up the first hill. Emily hugged onto Tyler as the cart began to go up. Her atomic came undone in the process and her panties snapped back down as the cart went up.

"Eee this is it!" squealed Emily as the akmost reached the top.

"Hold on." laughed Tyler.

The cart slowly made its way over the top leaving many of the riders screaming already. It suddenly lurched down quickly and sent everyone's stomach flying as they freefalled towards the ground. All the riders felt the tingling sensations as they dropped and felt like they were floating off the seat as they fell. After the drop, the ride went right back up into another hill and the rest of the ride began. It took a few turns and loops, and the whole time Emily held onto Tyler as she screamed out in excitement.

"This is awesome!" shouted Emily.

""I know right!" shouted Tyler.

A few more quick turns and the ride suddenly halted back into the station. It slowly pulled itself back in, and lifted the bars up for the riders to get out. Emily and Tyler stepped off as adrenaline pumped through their bodies from the ride.

"Whew that was so cool!" said Emily jumping on excitement. "Although my panties came off my head."

"That's alright. My boxers came undone from my shoulders." laughed Tyler.

"Heh well I know how we can give each other some more wedgies?" said Emily.

"How so?" asked Tyler.

"We go to the top of the Ferris wheel of course." said Emily.

"Ooh smart thinking Ms. Fox." said Tyler.

"Come on let's go." said Emily.

She once again took Tyler's hand and they rushed over to the Ferris wheel. They just made it into an open car before the ride started, and the wheel turned around and moved them to the top. The two of them looked out at the moonlight that reflected across the ocean. From there they could see the beach and the rest of station square, as well as the rest of Twinkle park and its large lit up castle.

"Sure is beautiful up here." sighed Emily. "I think I can even see my house on the beach from here."

"Yeah the view up here is quite nice. But not as beautiful as this view." said Tyler.

He suddenly grabbed the front of Emily's panties and yanked up. The star on the front of the panties caved into her front as Tyler pulled them all the way up to her chest.

"Eek you little perv!" squeaked Emily.

She blushed and grabbed the front of Tyler's boxers and quickly yanked them up to his chest. Tyler yelped in pain as they pushed against his front hard.

"Ow ow ok ok sorry!" squeaked Tyler. "Please stop this is crushing me."

Emily smirked and let go before grabbing the back of his boxers. She gave a hard tug up and got them to the back of his neck before she playfully tackled him and got on top of him in the seat. She blushed as she looked down at him  before smiling and looking into his eyes.

"Heh you can keep pulling in the front if you want." said Emily.

"I'd love to." said Tyler.

He grabbed the front of Emily's panties, and pulled them up to her chest again before proceeding to pull them all the way up to her neck. Emily pulled on the back of his boxers at the same time, nearly getting them to atomic level, as she leaned into a kiss while they pulled on each other's undies. Emily moaned softly during the kiss as her panties continued to cave into her. She lay herself down over Tyler and continued to kiss him deeply. The two lovers closed their eyes and felt warm and happy in each other's company before a loud explosion broke their intimate make out session.

"Huh?! What just happened." asked Tyler jumping up.

"Aw crap it's more Eggman robots. They must've come here cause of me." said Emily.

Sure enough the sky was filled with various flying bots. They began to destroy areas of the park making the guests of the park scream and start running as they attacked.

"Well now what do we do?" asked Tyler.

"We take them down for messing with us during our wedgie make out session!" exclaimed Emily.

She pulled out two machine guns from her socks and handed one to Tyler.

"Here. These guns fire rounds that fly right towards any bot in the vicinity. Don't worry they don't go for living things only robots. Wanna help me take them out?" asked Emily,

"Hell yeah I would. This just made this the best date ever!" said Tyler.

"Heh yeah it is. Now come on let's kick some ass!" exclaimed Emily.

She held down the trigger and the spray of bullets began to take out hundreds of bots. They all exploded as the bullets honed in on them and destroyed them in a matter of seconds. Tyler began to fire too, and within no time explosions lit up the sky as Emily and Tyler shot down hundreds upon hundreds of bots. The bots fired back, and their bullets hit and shook the Ferris wheel which just made the whole fight more thrilling.

"Heh these little bastards aren't taking me down without a fight." said Emily.

"You said it Ems. Well just keep piling them up and they'll be gone in no time." said Tyler.

They continued to fire, and had almost taken out most of the bots before one of them managed to land a shot on their cart. The explosion sent them flying back and they flew back towards a flagpole on a lower end of the castle. The back of their underwear conveniently attached to the back, and gold rings were knocked out of them as they took damage. Gravity pulled them towards the ground, and made Tyler drop his gun.

"Crap I dropped my gun!" said Tyler.

"It's alright there's only one left." said Emily.

She aimed her gun at it and pulled the trigger which made the bot explode in a burst of flames. Bolts and metal flew everywhere as the final robot was taken out. As it began to quiet down a sudden cheer erupted from the crowd below.

"You hear that Ems? I think they're cheering for us." said Tyler.

"Heh I think you're right. Still though that explosion got us stuck on this pole till our underwear rips....not that I mind." laughed Emily.

"Should we finish what we started?" asked Tyler.

"Definitely." said Emily.

The two kissed each other as the crowd below cheered for the heroes. Sure they were going to be stuck up there for awhile, but neither of them minded too much. They slowly sunk down as the thin strip of fabric lodged itself tightly between their cheeks. Their underwear moved past their heads and stopped stretching as it held them firmly in place. It was a bit painful and soon their legs went numb, but it wasn't a bad thing at all. It was a perfect way to finish off an amazing wedgie date.
A fun little wedgie  I wrote about my OC Emily and :icongreendemonicwolf:'s OC Tyler. This was a lot of fun to write since I really like sonic fan characters, wedgies, and OC shipping. I liked writing a wedgie story about a couple, they're always so fun to write. 

Anyways hope you enjoy!
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emilyluvswedgies Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
Hey! This was such a good story! You have some really really good talent! :) I hope you can continue to pursue this series, cause it has some pretty good potential! I like how you perceived Emily (Which is also My name coincidence haha) As this cute innocent girl girl/nerdy type who also wears such cute underwear!! Anyways, I hope you continue this series, cause it just might take you places!! :)

-Emily K.

rr121497 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
Brilliant you should write books and become an author of the first wedgie fiction series 
GeniousPervert Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Good job buddy! Bravo
Reptile111 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student Writer
Thanks ^^
PokeHybrid Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Well written as always man.
Reptile111 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Writer
Thanks ^^
PokeHybrid Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
No prob.
PurpleFrockCoat Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Thats my kind of date, im jealous of emily.
Reptile111 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Writer
PurpleFrockCoat Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
GreenDemonicWolf Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Rep, you have blew my mind once again with those writing skills of yours, you know my oc so well XD, thanks again for writing this :D
Reptile111 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Writer
No problem I had a lot of fun with it ^^
majorma Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my
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