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Eris stomped around in the chaos realm in frustration. All she had wanted was a little fun. Why did Chrysalis have to come in and take things so seriously anyways. All she wanted was a few wedgies and maybe a couple of plot slaps on Quillwrite. Was that really too much to ask for?

Eris's hair quite literally caught on fire and released flames across the realm shaking her black t-shirt and dark red skirt. Her hair quickly extinguished and Eris calmed back downas she took a deep breath and collected herself. She took the time to slowly recollect her time at Quillwrite's house at Golden Oaks library.

First, she had gone in. No problem there. Then Quillwrite told her she was too crazy and got Eris rightfully mad. So she decided to have a little fun and mess around with him a little. But that irritating Cryhsalis had to step in and save her damsel in distress Quillwrite from her.

"Since when did the evil Queen of the Changlings turn into such a goody two shoes?" complained Eris "She used to be the embodiement of evil. We used to have so much fun being evil. What ever happened to those days.

Eris sighed and held out a glass for some rain from the chocolate milk clouds. The glass was filled with milk and Eris began to sip on and drink the glass. After finishing up the glass she threw the milk out into the void of the chaos realm and stared down. Down.... she was going to take Chrysalis down for humiliating her. She was going to get her revenge on her good and humiliate her even worse than Chrissy had embaressed her. And then better yet she was going to get Quillwrite afterwords and have some proper fun with him.

"Well you know what they say Chrissy," said Eris with a grin showing off her fang "Karma is a real dog."

A puppy with dragon wings appeared on her hand. It looked at her cutely and breathed fire before flying away. Eris laughed and teleported out of the Chaos realm, and out to Golden Oaks library.

"I'm heading out now." said Quillwrite as he walked towards the door.

"Alright bye sweetie. Be back soon." said Chrysalis.

"I will." said Quillwrite.

He opened up the door and trotted out of the house. He had been running low on writing supplies for awhile now, and he wanted to make sure that he stocked up well on them so he could continue his writing. Closing the door behind him he had no idea the fate that awaited him and Chrysalis.

Eris saw Quillwrite trotting out and knew it was time for her to strike. She snapped her fingers and teleported into the library where she would get revenge on her first victim. Eris arrived silently into the library, not alerting Chrysalis to her presence yet. She looked around the library and found that she was in the main room with all the books. She heard footsteps coming from upstairs, and quickly camoflauged herself among the books.

Chrysalis came walking downstairs wearing a white shirt and jean shorts. After she walked downstairs she walked towards a desk with some of Quillwrite's work on it. As Chrysalis looked down and the desk and started reading some papers, Eris found her perfect opportunity to strike. A wide grin came across her face as Eris snuck up behind Chrysalis. Her fingers moved slowly towards the back of Chrysalis's jean shorts and slowly went in and gripped the soft waistband and material of her panties. Chrysalis slightly perked up from feeling Eris's claws down her shorts. Before she could react she heard Eris talk.

"Payback time." said Eris grinning.

Eris yanked up on Chrysalis's soft panties and rocketed them up her back, starting her massive wedgie. Chrysalis's eyes widened and she yelped as Eris pulled her once comfortable panties hard into her plot. She felt the cotton legholes of her panties slip in between her butt cheeks and Eris pulled up with two hands on her panty waistband. Chrysalis couldn't help but wince as Eris gave hard tugs up on her panties pulling them way past her mid back. Chrysalis blushed in embarrassment, and held her crotch in pain as the panties painfully forced their way into the front as the material was pulled up.

"Owww! Stop Eris this hurts!" whined Chrysalis.

"That's the point. I want your revenge to be painful." said Eris.

Eris gave another hard tug upwards. Chrysalis felt the cotton dig further up her plot, and she yelped out in pain. She went on her tip hooves to try and lessen the pain of the wedgie.

"Oh and might I add I like your panties. They really do show you have an evil side deep down." said Eris.

Eris admired Chrysalis's black skull print panties that were now pulled high up to Chrysalis's shoulders. The legholes completely peeked their way out of Chrysalis's shorts and Eris knew that this was going to be a huge wedgie without any magic. Chrysalis wore such stretchy panties.

"These sure are stretchy Chrissy. You must wear real big panties huh?" said Eris.

"Grrr. Just wait till I get my hands on you." said Chrysalis.

Eris just laughed and pulled up on Chrysalis's panties again, this time getting them up to the back of her neck. Chrysalis yelped and went from her agressive state to her in pain and embarrassed state once again. The panties were starting to give out now, and Eris was pretty sure she couldn't pull them anymore. The material was starting to creak and Eris figured ahe might rip them if she went higher.

"Well we can't have that now can we?" thought Eris.

Eris quickly made it so that Chrysalis's panties couldn't break. Now that they were literally indestructible she could give Chrysalis and atomic wedgie. She pulled up towards the back of Chrysalis's head pushing down her hair so she could get her panties up and over her head. Chrysalis closed her eyes in pain, and felt her legs cross as she tried to fight through the unbearable pain of the wedgie. Her whole body felt weak and powerless. All she felt she could do was try not to give Eris the satisfaction she wanted.

"How are you liking the wedgie?" asked Eris.

"You'd better let go or you'll be sorry!" threatened Chrysalis still wincing and squirming from her wedgie.

"I doubt it." laughed Eris.

Eris yanked up hard getting a girly squeal out of Chrysalis as she pulled Chrysalis's panties over her horn in an atomic wedgie, and ripping the (not so indescribable now) material in the process. Chrysalis blushed from the humiliation of her panties pulled over her head. Eris gripped Chrysalis's shorts and pulled them down leaving Chrysalis's plot cheeks on display thanks to the wedgie.

"Time for some spanking." giggled Eris.

"No please don't!" begged Chrysalis.

Eris just giggled and got out a hairbrush. She whacked it hard against Chrysalis's plot. Chrissy yelped put in pain as the brush collided with her butt cheeks hard. She teared up as Eris spanked her hard, making her dark butt cheeks turn into a shade of pink. She began to tear up from the pain of the spanking and wedgie combination.

"Owww stop!" said Chrysalis near tears.

"No way. This is revenge!" said Eris.


Another hard alap to her plot made Chrysalis jolt up in pain. The stinging only grew worse. She knew this was going to be long and painful.

Meanwhile Quillwrite was returning back to Golden Oaks library with his newly acquired writing supplies. He was dressed in a white shirt, black hoodie, and blue jeans. He smiled as he eagerly awaited to go home and see Chrysalis. Opening the door with his magic while still using it to hold his supplies her stepped into the library.

"Chrysalis I'm ho-" said Quillwrite.

Before he could finish his sentance he saw Chrysalis laying on the ground in an atomic wedgie with her plot a dark shade of red. She groaned in pain as she looked up at Quillwirte.

"Oh no Chrysalis! Who did thi-..... Eris." said Quillwrite turning to Eris.

"Now why would you accuse me of something like that." said Eris walking into view.

"Who else but you would intentionally go into somebody's house and do this?" asked Quillwrite.

"Alright you've got a fair point there. But hey it was all in good fun right. Nobody got hurt well I mean except Chrysalis but hey she did it to me once. What goes around comes around you know."

"Eris I'm not going to deal with you again. You've already caused enough trouble before. I don't need you bothering me and Chrysalis."

"In my defense she had it coming. And now you're gonna have your fun too. Well more fun for me but still. We never properly finished our fun little session thanks to her interrupting."

Eris grinned as she grabbed a hold of Quillwrite in one hand. Quillwrite's eyes widened as the incredibly powerful lord of chaos grabbed him. He gulped knowing there was little to no way to escape her clutches.

"Eris don't do this!" begged Quillwrite.

Eris snapped opening up a portal to the Chaos realm.

"See I could but that just wouldn't be fun. Don't worry I'll make you look like your girlfriend soon when I'm done with your turn." smirked Eris.

She stepped through the portal, and Quillwrite and Eris were once again in the Chaos realm. Eris set down the nervous Quillwrite and flew back a little to give herself room for her transformation.

"Hey Quillwrite ever heard of a wedgiesaurus?" asked Eris.

"N- no..." responded Quillwrite.

"Well you're about to." said Eris.

Eris began to grow before Quillwrite's eyes. She grew larger and larger as the shadow she cast became much bigger than before. Quillwrite's eyes widened and his mouth dropped as she got to such a big size. His ears drooped as Eris, who was now the size of a large dinosaur, stood towering over Quillwrite. He began to back up, but Eris just took her massive hand and grabbed Quillwrite pulling him towards her.

Quillwrite tried to struggle out of her grasp, but it was no use. Eris was much larger and stronger and he had little chance of escape.

"Aww what's the matter. Trying to escape huh?" asked Eris.

"Eris this isn't funny. Let go of me!" demanded Quillwrite.

"Well of course its not funny yet. I haven't even began your wedgie yet." Eris.

Eris grabbed the back of Quillwrite's jeans and pulled back placing a spell on his black boxers with green hearts. The spell made his boxers extremely stretchy which would be perfect for the wedgies she was about to give.

"Ready for your wedgie?" asked Eris.

Quillwrite didn't respond.

"I'll take that as a yes." smiled Eris.

She lifted up and yanked Quillwrite off the ground hard. Quillwrite's eyes widened as he felt the leg material of his boxers shoot up into his flank. His underwear painfully dug into his crotch as he dangled off the ground. His boxers were already pulled up to his neck thanks to Eris's spell.

"Cute undies." said Eris.

"Sh- shut up." said Quillwrite.

Eris laughed and gave a quick bounce to test out how far Quillwrite's undies would stretch. Sure enough the only little bounce sent them way past his head as Quillwrite dangled. This was going to be fun.

She began to bounce Quillwrite by his underwear.

"Hehe this is the part where you're supposed to say 'Not the classic wedgie!' and so forth." said Eris.

"Whaaaaat ow?!" said Quillwrite.

"Nothing. Just don't be surprised by how for I stretch your underwear." said Eris.

Quillwrite winced. He felt his hooves dangling towards the ground, and his underwear already was stretched past his head. He couldn't imagine how it could get much worse.... he had no idea.

Eris began spinning him rapidly in a circle. Quillwrite felt dizzy and his underwear painfully dug into his butt as he was spun.

"This is an all around the world wedgie." said Eris.

"Ahhh!" yelled Quillwrite as he was quickly spun.

After twirling him for a bit, Eris began bouncing him forwards and down making him bounce from his underwear like a bungee cable.

"Woah!!!" yelled Quillwrite as he was bounced.

He felt the air rush past him and against his clothes as he bounced quickly by Eris. The pain of the wedgie only got worse, and his underwear deeper with each bounce. His mane and tail flew around as he propelled towards the ground and each bounce made him wince. Quillwrite felt ridiculous. Eris was bouncing him just like a-

"This is a yo yo wedgie." laughed Eris.

After bouncing him around a little bit Quillwrite felt dizzy and had little stars floating around his head.

"Owwww.... please no more." groaned Quillwrite.

Eris only smiled. She brought her hands close together holding the sides of Quillwrite's underwear in both hands while she began to bring her hands closer and closer. Quillwrite gasped and closed his eyes as her hands almost squished him. Before they did though they quickly pulled apart and he was in a complex wedgie knot. He felt himself dangling head-first towards the ground as he hung by his underwear. His hooves dangled down towards the ground as he was suspended by his underwear looking at the ground below him.

He began to panic. What if he fell out of his underwear? Well then he would go right towards the ground, and it'd all be because someone irresponsible like Eris was holding him.

"Eris stop! I'm going to fall!" said Quillwrite kicking all his hooves.

"Oh don't worry you're not going to fall sweetie. I've got a good hold on you." said Eris. "Now how about a wedgie on the beach."

"What's a wedgie on the beach?" asked Quillwrite nervously.

"You're about to find out." said Eris.

A mini beach with lots of sand appeared on the ground below Quillwrite. Eris pushed him towards the ground and poured sand in the back of his boxers before pulling back up to begin more wedgies.

"And this is a Texas wedgie!" said Eris.

She gave him an atomic over the face wedgie. Quillwrite felt her grab a hold of the front of his boxers as well as the back. She pulled hard in both spots constricting the underwear tightly and spinning Quillwrite around in a flip.

After doing that Eris pulled Quillwrite into a series of complex knots that strung him up with his underwear over his head.

"Owww. I can't feel my plot cheeks." groaned Quillwrite.

"Oh you'll be feeling them soon." grinned Eris.

"Wait! What are you doing?!" said Quillwrite.

Eris hung him on a tree, still in his atomic wedgie. To make things worse she pulled down his jeans and left them dangling at his ankles, exposing his plot cheeks. Quillwrite blushed in embarrassment and hoped that this would be over soon. He pushed his underwear off of one eye to see what Eris was doing. She made a sombrero and poncho appear on her before she pulled out a paddle.

"Wait! What are you doing!" said Quillwrite.

Eris just smirked and walked towards him. She rested the paddle on his flank.

"Viva la spanking." said Eris.

She slammed the paddle hard against Quillwrite's plot. Quillwrite yelped as swung forwards, only to be whacked by the paddle again and again. Eris swung Quillwrite like a piñata on the tree making his plot sting more and more. His plot turned red from so many smacks and Quillwrite whimpered as he dangled while getting spanked hard. He didn't know how much more of this he could take. All he could do was hang there and accept his fate, hoping Eris would stop soon.

After what felt like a very long time, Quillwrite felt like his plot was on fire, and Eris was tired of spanking Quillwrite. His plot was a nice shade of red already and he whimpered as he hung there. Eris smiled as she walked around the front to see the results of her work. Quillwrite looked at her nervously as she smiled at him.

"P- please don't do any more!" begged Quillwrite.

"Oh don't worry I won't. I've had my fun with you." laughed Eris. "Whoo that was fun. Alright let's get you back to the library. I need to hang you and Chrissy up before I go."

Quillwrite only groaned. He knew exactly what that meant by this point. Eris opened up a portal below Quillwrite and dropped him back down in his atomic into the library. The affects of the spell wore off,and his underwear felt tight again. He looked at Chrysalis who was still just beginning to get her underwear off her head. Eris stepped through the portal and made a hook appear on the ceiling.

Before either Quillwrite or Chrysalis could escape, Eris grabbed both of them by their underwear as she held them facing her. Both Quillwrite and Chrysalis looked like they were in pain, and winced as Eris held them. She lifted them up, and hooked the back of their underwear by the hook. Eris and Chrysalis were pulled towards the ground as they dangled in their hanging wedgies.

"Bye!!! You guys were really too much fun I can't thank you enough. Hope you have fun hanging around each other." laughed Eris.

She gave her butt a taunting smack as she went out of the room leaving Quillwrite and Chrysalis hanging there. Both of the whimpered as they hung there.

"Owww! Ch- chrysalis I'm sorry." said Quillwrite.

"Don't worry about it Quillwrite. It's not your fault. Eris is always doing stuff like this. If anything, I should have been the one keeping an eye on her. Especially after what I did to her that last time." said Chrysalis.

"This really hurts. When will we get down?" asked Quillwrite.

"Not much we can do until our underwear rips." sighed Chrysalis.

"Can't we use magic or..."

"No this hook is from the chaos realm. No spell or magic will work on it."

"Oh..." sighed Quillwrite looking down.

"Well at lest we have each other to keep ourselves company." said Chrysalis.

"Yeah I guess you're right." said Quillwrite.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. Even though this was extremely painful at least they would share the pain together. The couple waited for their underwear to rip. They could only hope it wasn't going to take awhile for that to happen. Who knows how long it would take.
 Another commision for :iconquillwrite7x: Hope you enjoy the story!
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